Woman Accuses Casino of Tampering With a Winning Slot Machine

For many, going to the casinos is a fun and exciting get-away filled with thrilling risk-taking activity that might just pay off with some big bucks. While most people with gambling experience know that the house edge is highest on slot machines, it doesn’t often stop people from using them. One woman, though, has had an experience which might just explain why that house edge is so high.

slot machineThe woman, from the state of Ohio in the U.S.A., has had an experience with a casino which has led her to believe that she was the victim of machine tampering. As she recounts, during a visit to her local casino she was on a winning streak at a quarter slot machine when a casino employee unpromptedly approached her, saying they needed to “fix” her machine before she could continue playing. Despite her objections to the suspicious behavior, the woman was forced to allow the employee to “fix” the machine, after learning that if she didn’t it would be reset from the control room, thus clearing her winnings. She eventually allowed the employee scan an electronically read card in the machine and then got back to playing. Shortly after this, the machine began to go downhill very quickly, ultimately causing the woman to lose her winnings in a matter of minutes.

With many such anecdotes, it’s a wonder that slot machines are still as popular as they seem to be. Perhaps the fact that they require no skill, and are generally user friendly has something to do with it. While there are legal measures in place that are supposed to protect the citizens using these machines, there’s no real way to know whether people like this woman are right in their suspicions. While slot machines can be lots of fun, serving as an adult version of an arcade game, it’s clearly a game that doesn’t come without some serious monetary risk.