Three-reel Slot Games Disappearing from Gaming Scene

Casino gamblers who have been diehard fans of slot machines now lament at the fast-disappearing three-reel slot machines that were popular in most casinos till recently. Now the spinning handles have been replaced with push and play buttons and ticket technology has taken over coin slots. The previous jangle of tokens cascading into trays when a player won a jackpot or a line has now been replaced with electronic sounds. Now there is a sea of video slots in casinos with several entertaining themes, which can be played for pennies.

Growth of multiple reel slots

Slot gamesThe days of famous three reel slots like White & Blue 7’s, Bally’s Blazing 7’s and Triple Diamond are long gone that have been replaced with multiple reel spinning slots with low denomination wagers. There has been growth in demand for four and five reel spinners as they have interesting bonus features and several paylines, which can be used to make progressive jackpots to keep players engaged for a longer duration. Though the demand for slot reel games continue, the era of three reel slots is slowing down with new video games perking interest of casino players.

Bonus roundup in March

  • Blue Chip – This casino is recognised for its popular sports bar and restaurant where patrons can enjoy college basketball games during March and April.
  • Four Winds – This casino will have a St. Patrick’s Day celebration running for five days with traditional Irish food buffet in addition to Seafood Feast and Poker Tournament on the weekend.

Horseshoe – The 2015 Chicago Poker Classic tournament by the casino has a prize pool of $1 million and buy in will cost around $2000. The casino gets more revenue from table games than its penny slot machines and recently replaced its slot machines with tables.