Latest Enhancements to Traditional Slot Machines

Slot machines, informally known as fruit machines, have been around for decades. Slot games are very simple to play, too, and are one of the main attractions in land-based as well as online casinos. The rules of the game are simple; the player simply has to insert money inside the machine and press on a button, and then the reels start spinning. Based on the symbols that appear on the reels, the player may or may not win the designated amount.

Futuristic slot machines

slot machineSurprisingly, the popularity of the game hasn’t faded even a bit in all these years. Player’s young and old alike are eager to try their luck at slots now. However, the younger players want something more fast-paced from casino games, and not just the mundane pushing and pulling of buttons and levers to win.

To target the next generation of players—individuals who were raised on video games—slot machine makers across casinos are thinking of new and more futuristic ways to enhance the game.

In the UK and South Africa (CasinoZA), players can soon expect to be able to make wagers after knocking down a character or sinking a battleship—a step to making slots akin to video games. Further, Merkur Gaming of Mexico city is creating a slot machine similar to heavy arcade video gaming machines, specially aimed at today’s youth. In these futuristic slot machines, the players can sit inside a sensory sphere that is cosy, comfortable, and excellent to play.

The new social gaming machines are expected to be more based on skill to attract players in their early 20s. This doesn’t mean that the old slot games will be gone, though, for the traditional slot machines will also be functional at casinos for lucrative women gamers in their 50s and 60s.

Upcoming changes in slots-based casinos

Recently, at a Las Vegas convention of casino game creators, Edvard Toth, the studio head of California-based gambling platform Gamblit Gaming, showed how technology can effectively be used to enhance the appeal of casino games. He showed how slot machine games, especially those like Scrabble, Angry Birds, Risk, and Battleship can be transformed into something more attractive for the 21-40 age groups. The G2E Gaming Expo, however, suggested that the new game titles should be as much a game of luck as the traditional slot-based games.