Gung Pow Online Slots Game Launched by Red Flush

A brand new Microgaming slots game is available on the Red Flush Casino. Gung Pow Online Slots, a non progressive slots game that can be played by users on computers, began game play on the 7th of January.

red-flush-casino-logoThe game has been inspired by the colors and celebrations associated with the Chinese New Year. There are a lot of designs, characters and figures in the game that resemble lanterns or firecrackers from Chinese New Year celebrations.

There are five rows and three columns in this non progressive slots game. All of reels can be spun, with Gung Pow Online Slots designed to be just as fun for beginners as it is for seasoned players.

Microgaming has put a lot of effort into ensuring that this game is immersive, exciting and generous in the money that players can win. Aside from offering some great jackpots to Red Flush players, there are smaller prizes that can be won. Players only need adjacent symbol combos in order to win the smaller sums. With wilds and game logo symbols signifying bonuses and free spins, players can multiply the amount they win if they are lucky.

Scatter symbols are designed to provide free spins, with players getting up to 15 free spins if they have multiple scatters in one turn. Free spins can be saved for later or played automatically, with every win during a free spin multiplied by the bet amount and scatter symbol.

There is also a Game option that players can use to make random selections. Players just need to select their bet amount and click on “Gamble”, with the game taking care of the rest.

Players can purchase coins of eight different denominations within the game, with the smallest size being 1. A bet with one coin can win up to 250 coins, while the maximum win is 30,000 coins. Players who win the grand prize using a scatter symbol/free spin can get up to 90,000 coins.