Couple Wins Big With MGM Grand’s Lion Share Slot Machine

lions shareA lucky New Hampshire couple Linda and Walter Misco were the winners of $ 2.4 million jackpot amount of casino slot machine Lion’s Share. They became legends at MGM Grand as no one has won a jackpot at the slot machine for past 20 years. The PR chief of MGM Resorts wants to give the slot machine to the lucky couple as a souvenir. To present it to them, the resort will however, need to get necessary permits from Nevada and New Hampshire authorities. The occasion was celebrated by MGM Grand’s officials and they thanked the lucky couple for their continuous patronage for nearly two decades.

Lion Share

The “Lion Share” slot machines were introduced by MGM grand during 1990’s which were removed over a period of time, except this one. According to Robin Leach who reported the incident, the machine achieved celebrity status after MGM launched a Facebook page for it in 2012. People came from places as far off as Australia to try their luck and slot strategies at the machine in the hope of winning the jackpot – trying out a land based slot machine instead of Australia’s most popular online “pokies” site,  As the odds of winning at this slot machine were high, there would always be long lines of people waiting to try their hands at it.

Lucky Misco Couple

Walter and Linda are typical slot players who come to Vegas for a weekend holiday, try their luck at new slot games for some fun and go back. As regulars to MGM Grand, they were aware of “Lion’s Share” slot machine, but never played on it. When Linda Misco heard the legend behind the slot machine, she urged her husband Walter to bet $100 on the machine and the rest as they say is history. Walter Misco raises horses for a living near Manchester and has been married to Linda for 48 years. The happy couple wants to use some of part of their win to their great grandchildren, to support their college education.