Common Myths About Slot Machine Jackpots

Slot machines are still incredibly misunderstood. Because so many people have no idea how slots operate, they come up with myths that eventually become second hand facts. These belief systems about slot machines are usually wrong, but they still influence the behavior of the majority of slot machine players. Let us identify and disprove some of the most common myths associated with slot machine jackpots.

Myth #1 – Machines Do Not Give Out Two Jackpots In a Row

slot machineThe first myth says that when a machine pays out a major jackpot, no one should use it for some time. People claim that these machines will only make a big payout once or twice a day. If you see a machine making a payout, avoid it for the rest of the night.

This theory is completely incorrect. While it is unlikely that you will get two major payouts from a machine within an hour, that has nothing to do with the machine being “shut off”. The odds of getting a jackpot on any spin are the same, no matter the outcome of the previous spin.

Myth #2 – Machines are “Due” a Payoff Eventually

This is another completely false theory. There is no slot machine in the world that is “due” to give a large payoff. Players are advised to spy on others who place a lot of bets but do not win. Right after they leave, someone else should come in and they will have a greater chance of winning. That is what the myth says, but it is false.

Machines could pay a jackpot at any given moment. It does not matter whether they have been hot or cold in the recent past.

Players should take the time to understand how slot machines work before they go to Vegas to try and win big. Click here for a look at some tips on how to succeed at slots.