Carnival Fun at Slotland

April has been exciting month at Slotland. The slot of the month – Carnival – has been going really strong and with a number of days left in April, players can still have their share of carnival fun.

Carnival time

Carnival Fun at SlotlandCarnival is a really thrilling game, which consists of five reels and 19 paylines. Slotland is offering various prizes with this featured slot. Players can win more or less $300 when playing on the Carnival slot at Slotland. There are other bonuses as well where players can win anywhere from $150 to $50. Then there are plenty of other prizes for players when they play Carnival.

There is a great ongoing contest where players can win tickets and win prizes. Players are entitled to one ticket per 100 spins on Carnival. When this promotions ends, 10 random players from the pool will be selected for various prizes. The Carnival slot promotions at Slotland are ongoing till 30th April.

Fun times at Slotland

Slotland is known for its excellent slots and equally great payouts. There are plenty of surprises for new players, and existing members have been enjoying Slotland bonus schemes since 1998. It is a well known online casino famed for its slot games. Slotland games are available for all mobile platforms and can be also played on your PCs. The casino uses encryption for all financial transactions and all funds transfers are thus safe and secure. They also offer excellent support to their members and this is available for them 24/7.

Slotland first offered the Carnival slot in 2012 and it has been a hit with players ever since. Not only it is a great slot, there are progressive jackpots and bonuses available for players when they play Carnival. Players can enjoy the rides and win big with this slot. There is no stopping the fun at Slotland.