British Government Cracks Down On Online Slot Machine Payouts

The British government plans to crack down on slot machine that are considered crack cocaine gaming, according to published reports.

The slot machines with games like roulette, blackjack and poker must be able to allow customers to set betting limits. The fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) ‘s with betting limits up to GBP 100 can not have their payouts boosted or prizes increased through 2016 under the newly proposed government plan.

No Slot Machine WinningsThe high stakes slot machines are being called the source of a number of gambling addiction problems. However, they have becomes so popular that the slots, which are legally held to GBP 500 as a maximum payout, now account for nearly half of all high street bookmaker action. Customers can lose a lot of money on the machines, so the government wants them to be able to put in a betting limit and watch how much money they are losing real-time. This is hoped to curtail gamblers from losing more money than they can afford, officials say.

Other government measures are being aimed at regulating British online betting. Legislation prompted by Culture Secretary Maria Miller will be introduced in Parliament to make certain any British online gambling set with British customers have a valid betting license.

The new licensing requirement will make it easier to combat corruption as well as provide additional funds for programs combating gambling addiction. British ministers also have attached provisions to provide more safeguards against children and vulnerable adults being involved with gambling.

 Some controversy has been involved in the new proposed British gambling regulations. Government officials said casino operators had lobbied Miller to allow for more FOBTs and increase the amount of prize money. The Association of British Bookmakers to which high street firms belong, said it had not made such a formal request.

The association believed payout limits should remain as set and were releasing a new code of conduce to encourage responsible gaming, said Dirk Vennix, a group spokesman.

Miller, the Culture Secretary, said she wanted to get the legislation passed to reign in offshore gambling sites with British customers. companies operating in Britain and affecting British families had to be regulated according to British law, she said.

Customers needed to know online gambling and slots were not “the Wild West,” she added, saying British authorities would ensure responsible online gambling through the licensing reforms.