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These gambling machines have drawn players to casinos since the 1800’s and have continued to prove their popularity with the fun spinning reels, the flashing lights, ringing sounds and of course the possibilities of huge rewards. In today’s technologically advanced world and the vast innovations of the internet, online casinos and online slots in particular have made gambling and spinning the reels more accessible and entertaining than ever.

Plus the opportunity to win real cash prizes is even more enticing. SlotMachine$$$ is here to provide a guide to some of the best online slot machines, pointing out some of the games with the highest jackpots. You will also find several reviews on some well established online casinos where you can have a go at the rewarding reels yourself. Don’t worry if you’re not too clued up on slot machine strategies, we’ve also compiled some really useful tips for placing your bets on slot machines.

If you’re ready to be a slots machine whizz, then keep reading, we’ve got all you need to know right here.